A Healthy Glo Podcast

The Powerful Benefits of Pilates for Our Body and Mind

July 08, 2020 Season 1 Episode 6
A Healthy Glo Podcast
The Powerful Benefits of Pilates for Our Body and Mind
Show Notes

Episode 06. The Powerful Benefits of Pilates for our Body and Mind 

In this episode, I interviewed Sarah Kitterman, who helps busy moms reconnect with their bodies to feel better, get stronger, and find a moment of calm through short and productive workouts based on classical Pilates blended together with elements of ballet and yoga. In addition to earning her Mat Pilates certification and Reformer, PiYo certification, she has a degree in Ballet from Belhaven University and has taught all levels of ballet, from creative movement through advanced students. She has also taught Pilates for over 15 years and was on staff at Rice University, the Houston City Club. If you want to get in on some juicy insider fitness tips and learn more about the powerful benefits of pilates, make sure to join us in this episode!

These are the topics we cover in today’s episode: 

  • Fitness tips for busy mothers 
  • How can mothers and expecting mothers get started with Pilates?
  • Specific pilates moves to attack the notorious lower belly pooch

Resources, Specials, and Links:
Make sure to check out Sarah’s brand new, 30-minute All levels Pilates-Yoga Flow class now available for FREE! Sign up at www.sarahkitterman.com for lifetime access to the class. 

For free quickie workouts and replays of Sarah’s live events on her YouTube channel, go to www.YouTube.com/sarahkitterman

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