A Healthy Glo Podcast

Homeschooling During a Pandemic & Self-Care for Mamas

June 17, 2020 Season 1 Episode 3
A Healthy Glo Podcast
Homeschooling During a Pandemic & Self-Care for Mamas
Show Notes

A Healthy Glo Podcast

Episode 03. Homeschooling During a Pandemic & Self-Care for Mamas

In this episode, I invited Tamara McClendon, who is a certified elementary teacher with a background in health and wellness. She helps mamas find joy in the little things by finding creative ways to have fun with their children as well as making sure they find time for self-care.

These are the topics we cover in today’s episode: 

  • Balancing a healthy boundary between “home” and “school” in a homeschool setting
  • Ways for busy moms to practice self-care and keep up with their hobbies 
  • How to deal with mom guilt

Resources and Links:

For fun freebies and homeschooling resources visit Tamara’s website www.mamma-tribe.com and subscribe to receive free downloads of many educational resources:

  • Sight words
  • Scavenger hunts
  • ABC booklet
  • Math booklet
  • And more!

Here is her blogpost on the fun puffy paint activity she shared on the episode

Check out her post on 5 Super Simple Father’s Day Card Crafts to make with your children this Father’s Day!

Read about Tamara’s guide on how to start homeschooling

For more information on the homeschooling process and view state-specific homeschool laws start here.

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