A Healthy Glo Podcast

Prenatal Prep & Postpartum Rehab with Dr. Jena Bradley

June 10, 2020 Season 1 Episode 2
A Healthy Glo Podcast
Prenatal Prep & Postpartum Rehab with Dr. Jena Bradley
Show Notes

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A Healthy Glo Podcast

Episode 02. Prenatal Prep & Postpartum Rehab with Dr. Jena Bradley

In this second episode of my podcast series, I invited Dr. Jena Bradley who is a full-time mom and part-time physical therapist who also runs a pregnancy and postpartum health and fitness blog, Live Core Strong to talk about the nitty gritty of prenatal and postpartum fitness and rehab. This is an absolute must-listen for moms of all stages and anyone who is preparing for pregnancy!

These are the topics we cover in today’s episode: 

  • All about the core and why it’s important to rehabilitate it after childbirth
  • Diastasis recti - what is it and how do I prevent/treat it?
  • How to prepare your body for pregnancy and birth
  • Tips for a natural postpartum recovery

Resources and Links:

You can find Dr. Jena on her blog livecorestrong.com and on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube: @livecorestrong

In her new book, Postpartum Ab Rehab, she explains her step-by-step exercise program that helps new moms get that flat belly back quickly and safely. You can learn more about her book here: https://postpartumabs.com

Dr. Jena’s Restore Your Core FREE 5 Day Email Course: http://livecorestrong.com/restore-your-core/

Dr. Jena also has designed some amazing 30-day ab challenges that her followers love. One of the most popular ones is her 30-day Postpartum Ab challenge. Postpartum 30-Day Ab Challenge: http://livecorestrong.com/postpartum-ab-challenge/

Find a PT: https://aptaapps.apta.org//APTAPTDirectory/FindAPTDirectory.aspx  

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